Sound with a new dimension.

Created to enhance brands, film and media, Cosine Sound creates flexible sounds to suit many projects.

  • Customised - Sound as a whole, tailored and styled for your project.
  • Original - Hear your voice, your values and enhance what matters.
  • Inspiring - Sound that is purposeful, memorable and rewarding.

In common productions, without focused ears, sound quality can easily be overlooked and with a mild purpose. Cosine Sound will work with you to optimize and focus your message with a new dimension of experience, rewarding and engaging your audience.

Cosine Sound is run by Joel Pinteric, an Australian audio producer, sound designer and electronic music producer from Sydney, NSW.

After completing Bachelor of Audio Production at SAE Institute in 2008 (Distinction average, commended student), he has worked on dozens of narrative films, collaborating to produce authentic soundtracks. While oriented to a range of platforms, other projects include animation, videogames and theatre.

Joel is always exploring sound synthesis and analysis, and is enthused about sound tools and modelling. Among other pioneers, he's inspired by Andy Farnell's work in procedural audio. Since his coproduction with in 2015, his Absynth Ambient Soundscapes Presets have attracted a 5 star average rating. In late 2016, he released the exclusive Cricket Chirp Tool, a flexible, detailed cricket sound generator made with Absynth 5.

Earlier in 2009, he began the dynamic ambient music project Radical Realm, which explores exotic styles of synthesis, field recording and thematic, meditative textures.